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Depei trade donated 1.32 million to fight the epidemic!

source:--    time:2020-03-12

Let's fight for help, let's unite! Depei trade donated 1.32 million to fight the epidemic!

Novel coronavirus our wills unite like a fortress. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection pneumonia, all the people in the community have devoted their strength to respond positively, unite with one's strength, and fight against epidemic diseases.

As an enterprise with social responsibility and responsibility, Depei trade has always been highly concerned about the development of the epidemic, the epidemic situation in Hubei Province, the safety of the people and medical staff throughout the country. Knowing that Nanjing is short of medical resources and funds, Cai Decai, general manager of Depei trade, arranged the company's finance to contact the Red Cross Society of Gulou District in Nanjing to coordinate the donation. At the first time of construction, we also mobilized all employees of Depei to contribute their love and strength to the epidemic.

In just three days, all employees and the company of Depei raised a total of 1324550 yuan. Including company donation: 1 million yuan; total personal donation: 300000 yuan; employee donation: 23400 yuan. For this donation, the company donated to: Nanjing Gulou Hospital: 200000 yuan; Nanjing Second Hospital: 200000 yuan; Pukou branch of Jiangsu People's Hospital: 200000 yuan; Jiangsu People's Hospital: 250000 yuan; Nanjing Liuhe District People's Hospital: 150000 yuan; Gulou District government epidemic prevention station: 324550 yuan. All the novel coronavirus will be used to fight the pneumonia outbreak.

In the face of the epidemic, Depei trade adheres to the sense of corporate social responsibility and works hand in hand with the people of the whole country to resist the epidemic at a time of crisis! The virus does not have the lover to have the sentiment, the enterprise should take the initiative to undertake the corresponding social responsibility! Depei trade has always carried out the enterprise's self responsibility and made a modest contribution to the national crisis.

Love gathers strength and bears the witness mission! We believe that with the joint efforts of all sectors of society and the efforts of all medical staff, we will surely win the victory of the "war epidemic".

Come on, Wuhan! Come on Hubei! Go China!

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